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Occupational Health

Industrial health services for Ventura County

Protecting your employees with simple on-the-job care

​High quality occupational healthcare, proper attention to business detail and cost containment are achieved only when the insurer/administrator, employer and medical provider function as a team.

Why us?


  • Provide prompt and proper care for injured workers

  • Enhance case management for both provider & insurer

  • Reduce medical care costs

  • Reduce lost work time

  • On Site Physical Therapy/Pharmacy

  • X-Rays (Certified Technologist)

  • Reduce temporary and permanent disability expense

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of litigation

Timely Service

Member of PPO Plans

Proven Cost Savings

Regular Status Reports

Occupational medicine special services:

  • Pre-employment Physicals

  • DOT Physicals

  • Specialty Surveillance Exams

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Vision & Hearing Exams

  • Mask Fit Testing

  • Respiratory Clearance Exams

  • Pulmonary Function Testing

  • OSHA Questionnaire Reviews

  • X-ray Services

  • First Aid Care

  • Titers & Vaccines

  • Tuberculosis Testing

  • On-site Services

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