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Occupational Health

Urgent Care in Ventura and Oxnard

Medical attention for your employees

​High quality occupational healthcare, proper attention to business detail and cost containment are achieved only when the insurer/administrator, employer and medical provider function as a team.

Why us?


  • Provide prompt and proper care for injured workers

  • Enhance case management for both provider & insurer

  • Reduce medical care costs

  • Reduce lost work time

  • On Site Physical Therapy/Pharmacy

  • X-Rays (Certified Technologist)

  • Reduce temporary and permanent disability expense

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of litigation


Special services

Occupational medicine special services:


  • Plant Tours

  • Job Specific Replacement

  • Periodic/Health Surveillance Examinations

    • (CAL-OSHA Medical Screening Programs as needed)

  • Vision and Respiratory Screening Programs

  • Annual Hearing Conservation Programs/Hearing Protectors/Hearing Aids

  • DMV Physicals

  • Occupational Health & Safety Education Programs

    • First Aid/CPR, etc.

  • CAL-OSHA Regulations

  • ADA Compliance Assistance

  • Blood Pressure Screening at no Charge

  • Coordinate and Participate in Health Fairs

  • Repetitive Trauma Prevention

    • Ergonomic Programs Available

  • Back and Neck Injury Prevention Programs

  • Cholesterol Screening at Job Site

  • Immunization Programs

    • Influenza, Hepatitis, etc.

  • Hospitalization Care and Follow-Up

Treatment & illness
  • Timely Service

  • Occupational Medicine/OSHA/Worker’s Compensation

  • Employer Authorized Treatment Only

  • Return-to-Work Programs Encouraged

  • Proven cost Savings for our Clients

  • Member of PPO Plans

  • Telephone Status Reports by Physician

  • First Reports, Discharge Rates & Other Correspondence

Drug screening
  • Prior to Job Offer/Replacement

  • On-the-job Injuries/Illness

  • Probable Cause Examination

  • Strict adherence to chain of custody protocols

  • Results available in 24-48 hours

Medical professionals

  • Occupational Health Nurse Consultant

  • Environmental Laboratory Testing

  • Industrial Hygienist Referrals

  • International Traveler’s Vaccinations

  • Spanish Speaking Staff & Professionals

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